Steel House

The proposition:

Heís a sound engineer and a Composer.
She canít carry a tune.

He wants his house to interoperate memorable songs from decades of his life including, but not limited to:
Pop goes the weasel.
The Beeges: boogie nights
Madonna: lucky star
M C Hammer: Hammer time
And their wedding song: always and forever.

They are a young couple with eyes toward the future, him with his successful career and her with her hopes for children, one boy, one girl.
He will be named christof. She will be named constance.
She wants a pool. He imagines it empty for christof to use as a skate ramp.
They like to bath together and feel their house should reflect their freedom sexually while not exposing their secrets to the outside world.

The amplitudes and frequencies of the sin curves depict.

Elevations Layout #1 / Elevations Layout #2